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Pour votre enfant, l’apprentissage de la voile sera amusant et les notions d’indépendance, de confiance et de travail en équipe seront sans doute des atouts pendant toute leur vie.

Les cours de voile pour les jeunes enseignent l’utilisation sécuritaire d’un petit voilier. Les élèves apprennent les théories et les techniques de l’Association Voile Canada avec des cours pratiques sur l’eau lorsque la météo est favorable. Dans les cours sur l’eau, les élèves sont supervisés par nos instructeurs dans des bateaux de sécurité. Nos instructeurs sont tous qualifiés par Voile Canada et enseignent les programmes VoileCAN niveaux 1 à 5. Lorsque les élèves ont complété les techniques de base de la voile, ils apprennent les tâches plus avancées d’un équipier dans les courses en voilier.


Wet Feet , CANSail I, II, III, IV and V courses. Learning to sail will provide a life time of enjoyment anywhere your child's life takes them. Independance, confidence, team work. Nothing quite like it.

The Junior Squadron sailing program is designed to teach the safe and proper handling of a small sailboat.Juniors are taught the theory and techniques as outlined by Sail Canada (C.Y.A.) with as much practice time on the water as possible, weather permitting. While on the water, the juniors will be supervised by our Sail Canada approved instructors, from power rescue boats. The students will be taught and tested on the CANSail “learn to sail” standards starting with Cansail 1 through to Cansail VI. Once the fundamentals have been mastered, the more advanced students will be introduced to small boat racing.


Fall session race team 2019 / Session d'automne équipe de course 2019

The fall program will consist of 2 training days per week and 2, possibly 3, regattas. Training will be one weekday evening for about 3-4 hours and Saturday from 9 to 4. Meaning that the week training might be more personal coaching since everyone might not be training on the same day depending on your schedules. This opens up a lot of time to work on boat handling and technical stuff that is harder to do when working with a group which could be very interesting for everybody that just achieved their can sail 4 or have been on the race team for less than a year. The training will cost 600$ for 8 weeks which would start as soon as possible. This covers my coaching fees and renting our equipment for these 8 weeks (boats, sails, etc...) The only others fees that you would have to pay at a later date if you decide to participate (highly recommended) are the regatta fees which for the Quebec championship would be registration and coaching for the Sunday ( about 65.85$ in total) and for CORK Fall it would be for coaching on the Sunday, gas for the transportation of the boats, accommodations for Friday and Saturday night and registration ( about 203.33$ plus accommodations depending on where we decide to stay). These regattas fees might vary depending on the number of athletes that participate.

Aug 26 to Oct 18, 2019

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Beaconsfield Yacht Club

Beaconsfield Yacht Club

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